The Money market fund is a low-risk fund that allows you to invest and get quarterly returns. It offers easy entry and exit, and redemption within 24 hours.

  • Start with a minimum of just N10,000
  • Low risk and competitive return
  • Quarterly dividends
  • 24-hour redemption
  • Minimum holding period of 30 days
The Wealth for Women Fund aims to encourage women to imbibe a savings culture. It is invested in fixed income instruments and in companies with enough women representation on their board.
  • Start with a minimum of just N10,000
  • Tax-exempt dividend payments
  • Diversified portfolio of fixed income and equity investments
  • Capital appreciation over a long period
  • Investment in companies with significant women representation in management positions
  • 24-hour redemption
  • Minimum holding period of 90 days
The Eurobond Fund is a dollar-denominated mutual fund invested in Eurobonds floated by the Federal Government of Nigeria and other qualifying Eurobonds registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • Start with a minimum of $1000
  • Significantly higher returns than domiciliary bank accounts
  • Tax-exempt dividend payments
  • Good hedge against depreciation of the Naira
  • 24-hour redemption
  • Minimum holding period of 90 days
  • The objective is to achieve competitive returns on investments with moderate risk by Investing in high quality bonds and treasury bills.
    • Start with a minimum of N10,000
    • Tax-exempt dividend payment
    • High quality fixed income instruments
    • 24-hour redemption
    • Minimum holding period of 90 days
    The United Capital Balanced fund is an actively managed open ended unit trust whose primary objective is to provide investors and beneficiaries with long term capital appreciation and income distribution through investment in a select portfolio of Securities and Instruments.
    • Start with a minimum of N10,000
    • Achieve long-term capital appreciation and income
    • Tax-exempt dividend payments
    • Minimum holding period of 90 days
    • 24-hour redemption
    • Diversified portfolio of equity investments and fixed income
    The Equity Fund invests in quoted equities that are traded on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and can achieve high returns over short and long periods of time. Equity schemes are suitable for investors having a long-term outlook. The fund can be affected by changes in stock prices.
    • Start with a minimum of just N10,000
    • Long term equity returns outperforming
    • Fixed income investments
    • Exposure to diversified portfolio of
    • Stocks across sectors
    • Tax-exempt dividend payments
    • 24-hour redemption
    • Minimum holding period of 90 days

    The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with a low-risk investment with stable and competitive returns through investments in short, medium and long-term Sharia-Compliant securities and investment products, whilst ensuring the preservation of capital and maintaining a reasonable degree of liquidity.

      Minimum Investment:
    • Initial: 10,000 units at N1 per unit
    • Subsequent: multiples of 5,000 units
      Minimum Investible Amount:
    • Initial: N10,000.00
    • Subsequent: N5,000.00
    • 24hrs redemption
      Minimum Holding Period
    • 90days
      Dividend pay out
    • Annually, based on performance of the fund

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    The Heritage Trust is a  fund set up by parents and/or guardians for their children and/or wards. It ensures that the wishes of the parents for their children as regards tuition, welfare, health (medical and health insurance coverage) and leisure (travel) are realized.
    • Available in Naira and Dollar denomination
    • Funds can be availed directly to 3rd parties for the purpose of school fees, travel, health, etc. in favor of the named beneficiary
    • Life Insurance Benefits
    • The Trust Fund is professionally managed to generate returns and reports on the Trust Fund will be rendered bi-annually
    The Diaspora Trust is designed to provide secure, high fidelity investing options for Nigerians in the diaspora including fund investments in Naira and Dollar-denominated instruments and acquisition of all types of assets.
    • Confidentiality of the Trust and Assets are preserved
    • This product relieves settlor of any stress and anxieties often experienced in undertaking investment back home while abroad.
    • Funds can either be invested in USD or Naira denominated assets at the preference of the client.
    • The investment is assured in line with your mandate/instruction.
    • Flexible entry and exit option of Investment.
    Our Private Investment Trust Account enables you to set aside either a lump sum amount or periodic contributions over time for long term saving and investment.
    • Easy entry and exit of investment
    • Available in both Naira and Dollar denominations
    • Funds are professionally managed to generate returns
    • Funds can be accessed within 24 Hours at no cost and penalty
    • Funds may be availed directly to the Bene?ciary to prevent diversion of funds

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    A Securities Trading account provides direct market access to enable one  trade on the floor of the Nigeria Stock Exchange from the comfort of your smartphone or computer.
    • Minimum account opening balance of N5,000.00 or an equivalent in stock value
    • Daily market reports
    • Weekly stock recommendation reports
    • Timely and efficient execution of mandates
    • Share registration services which include: share certificate management, dividend management, transfer of share and handling of registrars related issues
    UTRACE is designed to assist you track and unlock the value of all unclaimed dividends/outstanding bonuses from quoted companies in Nigeria. Also, enable you to have access to shares bought through the Stockbroking houses that are now inactive or moribund
    UTRACE will ensure the following amongst others:
    • Reconcilliation of clients investments
    • Recovery and dematerialization of all shares certificates
    • Recovery of all outstanding bonuses and dividend warrants
    • Revalidation of stalled dividend warrants
    • Consolidation of multiple shareholding and CSCS accounts
    • Transfer of shares from inactive/moribund Stockbroking houses to UCSL
    • Transfer of minor accounts to beneficiaries upon attainment of age

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